Default 0007

by Vialan

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Finn of Tomland
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Finn of Tomland Well nice release that fit like a glove with SM-LL's über minimal aesthetics, it's going to be a joy to DJ with this! Favorite track: MR 01 (silent).


London based label SM-LL returns to the Default format with 'Default 0007' by new Denmark based SM-LL artist 'Vialan'.

Vialan has been working with SM-LL these past 11 months, exchanging music and ideas, and Default 0007 is a small selection from this exchange.

Some of the dialogue revolved around how iconic Roland machines are used in his work, such as compurhythm's, space echo's etc, but much of this exchange utilised software development principles such as agile, MVP (minimum viable product), shipping early, and how this might apply or be used in creating and curating music and music release.

Often in music, there is notion of only delivering when it has been perfected, when it is at its best, that only then should it be heard by the public. This has never been the practice at SM-LL.

In the 11 months exchange, it was more the exchange itself, the desire to ship as early as possible, the openness to development and critique, that is Default 0007 and the Default format as a whole.

It seems perfect that Vialan should find a home at SM-LL, and we are very excited by what comes next.


released May 13, 2016

All tracks are created by Vialan from his basement, kitchen table, meeting room, or wherever suitable. Mastering by SM-LL.

This is a Default release on the label SM-LL 2016.


all rights reserved



SM-LL London, UK


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